Sexual Revolution

A New Sexual Revolution

Despite the sexual revolution in the 1960s, the fact is, many Americans still feel that sex is a taboo. Each person has different sexual preferences and though there are those who are very vocal about their needs in bed, there still are others who opt to keep silent for fear of being called vulgar.

Researchers nowadays are saying that another sexual revolution is well underway, as evidenced by the high rating of shows that has sex-related content. In a recent study conducted by Jean Twenge of San Diego University, it was found out that 50% of teenage girls are already having sex, and are also considered the leaders of the teen sexual revolution in the new world. The issue of oral sex is now seen in a new light as more and more teenagers no longer see it as disgusting. The trend shows that sex has moved past the boundaries of relationships, marriage and pleasure towards the quest for pleasure.

With the knowledge of teenage sex, how many parents have bothered to educate their children about the pros (if any) and cons of early sexual activities? Studies show that parents would rather pretend that their children have no idea what sex is yet and talking about it would make them more curious, which could lead to experimentation.

But this is definitely not the case. Children can now access sites featuring couples having live sex, or a live sex show with hot models as stars. No, teenagers nowadays are no longer as innocent as we want them to be, and despite the many precautions parents take to prevent their children from sexy webcam chat rooms and club live sex, it just isn’t enough. Children still need to be educated by their parents. They need to know that they are not the only one experiencing things such as arousal or even masturbation. Children are confused and for them to be properly guided towards their societal roles, parents still has the biggest part of it.

I still believe that the biggest problem with the teenage lies on the fact that technically speaking, they still are children. Biologically, teenage girls are not yet equipped to bear healthy children. Aside from this, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases can easily affect teenagers as most of them refuses to follow the lesson taught in sexual education.

People blame teenage pregnancy to the proliferation of sex-related media and easy access to porn sites. It is true that several studies have found a relationship between early sexual experimentation and sexual innuendos in TVs and movies. But hey, you can’t blame everything to media. True, the media is cluttered with so much sex-related content but still, you are responsible for your kids. Cam to cam sex stars don’t tell your children to go out and have sex with the next girl they see. Leaving your children uneducated and clueless about this topic when everyone else is talking can only leave them to be more curious if not as closed up as you are, and the cycle continues.

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Healthy Sex

Healthy Sex Prevents Illness


There are many positive correlations between love, sex and health. Being so, it has produced many questions…..

Have you wondered if an active sex life can truly alleviate pain? Do sexually active people have fewer colds and bouts of flu? Is it true that married people live longer than single or divorced people? Can an active sex life help prevent disease and illnesses by strengthening our immune system?

I have these answers and more, read on….

An active sex life is both stimulating and rejuvenating to the glandular system. When we make love the pituitary gland, the thyroid gland, the adrenal glands, the prostate and testes in men, and the ovaries in women are thoroughly exercised. The net result is that people in love look and feel better about themselves.

Activation of the sex center in the brain has health effects on other brain centers. Every cell in the body gets this message and is strengthened by it. An active sex life strengthens our immune system. Scientists have compared the nerve endings of happy, loving and sexually-fulfilled people with unhappy and sexually-unfulfilled people.

Apparently, large numbers of immune-system cells were gathered near the nerve endings in the “happy” people. A similar microscopic exam of “unhappy” and depressed persons showed no such gathering of immune-system cells.

Scientists theorized that the nerve endings in the “happy” group were releasing neurotransmitters. These are chemicals, like adrenalin and acetylcholine, that facilitate the transmission of nerve messages.

Scientists concluded that these neurotransmitters could attract, feed, and strengthen the various immune-system cells. During sex, the heart beats twice as fast, pumping blood to the pelvis, breasts, nipples, and surface of the skin, helping get rid of toxins and bringing in nutrients.

We also breath twice as fast, bringing in more oxygen. Muscles are tensed and relaxed, alternatively. Of course, not much good is realized by those who rush through lovemaking in ten minutes or less.

But for those who spend a leisurely hour or two, the benefits can be considerable. You, and you alone can determine the success or failure of your sex and love life; your physical, mental and spiritual health; and almost every other aspect of your life.

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Erection Quality

Erection Quality – When Your Erection Isn’t So Great

There are several definitions but most frequently ED is referred to as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection long enough to complete intercourse.

Also called sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction (ED) is known as one of the more common forms of medical conditions that can affect men’s sexual performance. An astonishing fact: estimates show between 15 and 30 million Americans currently suffer from some form of erection problems.

A number of different things can cause these kinds of erection problems, but the most common include excessive stress, recreational or prescription drug use, liver disease (usually form alcoholism), or even from a penile implant that isn’t working properly.

Most of the causes are in fact physical rather than psychological to begin with, but some estimates show up to 70% have a psychological component as well – erection problems can be crushing to a man’s self-image.

Here we’ll show you some of the risk factors involved with this problem, how the condition is diagnosed, and how the many men master the problem – the solutions that work.

Common Causes:
For most men, impotence comes from one of a number of fairly common sources.

Often times it is common medicines (typically those for blood pressure, antidepressants, and appetite suppressants) may cause ED as a side effect.

There are also potential psychological effects that can come from stress, guilt, anxiety, fear, depression, fear of sexual failure, and low self-esteem. These influences can account for as much as 20 % of cases on their own, but are also usually contributors to the other 80% of cases. It is safe to say that once a man begins to have problems, his fears and concerns usually add to the problem.

It’s a well known fact that excessive alcohol use and smoking also cause cardiovascular problems that can lead to lowered testosterone and ED.

Any time there is an injury to the spine or pelvis (or cancer surgery on the prostate or bladder) there can be damage to the nerves near the penis that may lead to problems with erections in the future.

Damaged nerves and tissues (smooth muscles, arteries, etc.) are the most common source of problems. Diabetes, kidney disease, excessive alcohol use, and conditions like multiple sclerosis and atherosclerosis account for the majority of cases of impotence. Up to 50% of men with diabetes experience sexual problems at some point.

Although aging is associated with erection problems, it is not ‘just a part of getting older’. It is caused by other health issues that affect greater numbers of older men, but it doesn’t happen in the absence of other problems.

How is ED diagnosed?
Diagnosis is usually done by a physician using several of the followingsources of information:
Medical history – Any evidence of illnesses or even a recollection of sexual activity can help a physician determine where the problem is coming from.
cause of difficulties with the erection.

Physical exam – Pain in the penis may suggest a nerve issue, where hormonal problems may show up as increased male breast size or abnormal hair growth. Circulatory problems may show up as decreased pulse in the wrists and / or ankles. Peyronie’s disease may cause impotence by causing the penis to bend to the point of making it difficult to maintain an erection.

Psychological exam – Interviews and questionnaires can reveal the mental aspects that may be contributing to the problem. A man’s partner may also be helpful in explaining what the problems might be in this area.
How is ED treated?

Luckily for most men ED is a curable condition. A number of different treatments are available that can make a real difference, even completely reversing the effects. These include
Physicians typically suggest treatments starting with the least invasive, moving up to higher risk options only after all the low risk options have been attempted.

If, for example, you suspect that the heart medication you are taking is the problem, telling your doctor may result in his trying a different class of medicine or altering the dosage. Some patients may be suited to have psychotherapy or behaviour modifications. Others may try using herbal medicines next, as they don’t typically conflict with other medications, and have a high rate of effectiveness.

Oral drugs (like Viagra) are often considered next, followed by locally injected drugs. Vacuum devices are often the next step, followed by surgery as a last resort after all other methods have been tried. The dangers involved with surgery make it a last resort.

A viable option (and highly successful in many cases) is treatment with herbal combinations. In clinical testing, several herbal ingredients have been proven highly effective against mild to moderate cases of ED, with clinical results showing as much as 90% effectiveness in treating erection problems.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction, ED causes

Typical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction


There are various reasons a guy might experience Erectile Dysfunction. This indicates he won’t be able to keep an erection for sex to occur. Men have to understand the majority of these issues aren’t anything they caused but that they can benefit from various kinds of treatment.

Finding the underlying cause of Erectile Dysfunction is extremely important though. A male struggling with impotence has to see a physician rather than attempting to self medicate. By putting off medical attention you could be permitting problems to get even worse when they might have been offset really early on.

There are several medical conditions such as diabetes where impotence is a symptom of it. Your medical professional can assist you to discover ways to control your diabetes through workout, diet plan, and typically medications. As a result this can assist to naturally deal with the impotence concerns. If you are taking medications for any kind of medical concern that could be the reason for the erectile dysfunction.

That doesn’t indicate you are never ever going to be able to get an erection while you have such medical issues though. You definitely do not wish to make the decision by yourself to stop taking such medications. That can have adverse results on your general health condition. Instead you need to talk to your medical professional about it.

They might have to adjust the dose of the medication you are taking. It is likewise possible to switch you to another type of medication. There are several for every single type of medical issue out there so you aren’t going to be restricted only to the one you currently utilize. Be patient and willing to experiment with the guidance of your medical professional so you can get erections however also the medications you require for other health issues.

Particular kinds of injuries to the genital location can result in impotence. If you have been struck because location you absolutely need to let your doctor learn about it. There may be internal damage that is preventing the penis from filling with the blood it needs for an erection to happen.

In numerous instances different kinds of nerve damage can also produce impotence. This is since messages are sent that inform the veins near to the corpora cavernosa to open up. If they do not do so then that additional blood circulation cannot reach the penis. Without it an erection is not possible. It doesn’t matter how physically or psychologically promoted the man is.

Your total way of life can lead to impotence as well. Studies reveal males that smoke, are obese, do not eat a healthy diet plan, which don’t exercise have a greater possibility of it taking place. Smoking cigarettes is a crucial aspect as it can cause the blood not to flow like it must through the veins and arteries. It is likewise connected with lower testosterone levels.

By making significant changes to these areas of your life the issue will often cure itself. Deal with your medical professional to design a diet and exercise plan that you want to adhere to. You desire it to become a complete lifestyle modification for you instead of just something you do for a brief amount of time.

It is also possible that psychological issues can result in impotence. Some men easily dismiss this however it is accurate. Too much stress can definitely cause it to occur. That can produce a lot more tension for the male therefore the cycle continues. Anxiety and anxiety are likewise known to trigger impotence to occur.

It is important to also recognize that Erectile Dysfunction is typical. However, it isn’t the type of topic most males sit around and discuss with each other. Due to this truth a mane can feel separated and alone with such a problem. Take the effort to seek medical attention for your erectile dysfunction. That way the issue can be identified and you can get the aid you have to take care of such issues.

Erectile Dysfunction And Alternative Remedies

Erectile Dysfunction And Alternative Remedies

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also called erectile dysfunction or impotence, is defined by a guy’s failure to have an erection or maintain an erection enough time to complete the sexual intercourse. Seriousness of ED varies among males, with some having total inability to attain an erection while others have uneven capability to attain an erection. Various other men with mild ED can still maintain brief erections. Impotence is among the reasons that guys cannot execute well in bed. This problem is considered as a horrible experience among guys, it can be really demanding and may damage the male self-esteem. Low self-confidence is one the reasons men are not able to reveal their full capacity and make complex partnerships. Sex-related failing among guys is not something that is freely talked about, they often feel humiliated as well as keep it to themselves. However, it is necessary to understand the cause and also therapies of impotence to nourish and also preserve a healthy self-confidence and also self-respect.

Conditions of ED can occur at any type of age, yet it is extra typical in senior males. Actually, bulk of the male population experience occasional difficulty having or keeping an erection. In lots of scenarios, it is a temporary problem that may disappear with very little or no therapy in any way. Besides the aging procedure, ED can also be caused by psychological or physical elements. Mental elements is frequently caused by anxiety, anxiety, anxiety, and also dissatisfaction with a companion. Physical aspects, on the other hand, could consist of any condition that stops the nerve system from responding to stimulation. Injuries to the spine, damages to the nerves in the genital location because of diabetes or surgical treatment might cause ED. Along with these aspects way of lives that involve too much alcohol ingestion, smoking, or unhealthy diet regimens could bring about impotence. Look into ED Reverser


Nevertheless, there are lots of natural remedies that are out there that are verified to deal with ED. These alternative medications are offered in various dose and might consist of Tongkat Ali and turned on goat weed. These two herbs are considered as the globe’s most effective aphrodisiacs. Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longfolia) is a flowering plant that could be discovered in Malaysia as well as Indonesia. Historically, this plant in its all-natural habitat was utilized an organic folk therapy for different sex-related illness like sexual dysfunction as well as erectile dysfunction. It has additionally been made use of throughout time as a natural sex enhancer. Numerous scientific research studies have shown that Tongkat Ali aids increase libido and also testosterone degrees, which in return may improve sexual performance. On the other hand, turned on goat weed (Epimedium) functions by enhancing the blood circulation to the penis, which after that enhances sexual enjoyment as well as efficiency. It likewise helps males boost their stamina, last much longer throughout sex, and decrease early climaxing. ED Reverser Review

Despite the existence of these items, males are still urged to talk with medical professionals as well as other medical specialists to make sure that they could consider the advantages and disadvantages of these herbal solutions. Erectile dysfunction could be dealt with yet it ought to be done under close supervision of physician. Improving sexual health and wellness by changing way of livings, boosting diets, or including workout programs in regimens should be focused on as opposed to seeking clinical or alternative assistance.

Healthy Sex

Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Reversed…?Read On For More

“Can erectile dysfunction be reversed…” this is a question asked by many from all over the world. But, the answer is “YES” it can be reversed! Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence is a very embarrassing condition that affects millions is men with just in America affecting over 30 million men. As a result men are having difficult times in their relationships and marriages. But this should not last for long. This article is here to help men learn how to reverse their impotence.

What is erectile dysfunction?

This is the inability to maintain or achieve an erection. This happens when the penile tissues fail to be filled up with blood. This can occur as a result of stress, anxiety, any other underlying psychological condition or even physical symptoms.

This condition has numerous underlying ED causes and so there are different ways to treat  ED. In some cases, the condition may have more than one cause and so it calls for a combined approach to reverse it. There are those who consider pills, but there are also natural ways to reverse erectile dysfunction, but whichever way one dims appropriate, the bottom line is that the condition can be reversed.

Ways to reverse erectile dysfunction

  1. Diet plan

Mostly, this condition is caused by high cholesterol and high calorie diet. This means that an individual suffering from this condition needs a diet plan. He/she should avoid fattening foods such as processed foods and fast foods. One can substitute calories with fresh and healthy foods such as vegetables. Also, one needs to take plenty of water to allow the body to flush itself.

  1. Exercise

Exercise is a better way to improve circulation levels. By working out, one can naturally keep circulation levels peaked. This means that blood will be able to flow to penile tissues and one will attain an erection. 25 minutes of exercise a day works wonders.

  1. Herbs

There are numerous natural herbs that helps people reverse erectile dysfunction. One of the commonly known herbs is gingko which has been proven to naturally reverse erectile dysfunction symptoms. One can get its supplements at local shops.

  1. Breathing techniques

This is very helpful when practiced on a regular basis. One can even have three to ten sessions a day, which can even be done at the work desk. Breathing techniques boosts circulation by 15 percent and so it needs to be adopted for maximum results.

  1. L-Arginine

This is an amino acid that is a great option. This is because human body uses arginine to create nitric oxide, which is a substance that is crucial in relaxing the blood vessels. In return this will have a positive impact on impotence symptoms. According to the studies, men who have used 5g of this remedy experiences an improved sexual performance in 6 weeks.

  1. Zinc

Zinc deficiency is one common cause of erectile dysfunction in men from all over the world. This means that with the use of zinc it is possible to reverse this condition. One can easily take 15 to 30 mg zinc supplement a day and take the sex drive to greater heights.

Why should men suffer from this embarrassing condition while there exists ways to reverse the condition? With the use of the above tips, one can get potent within a few weeks and get to enjoy the tremendous benefits of an improved sex life!